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Google Play / Amazon: August 23, 2015
iOS: September 3, 2015

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Seashine is a poetic, yet oppressive journey into the deeps.

Play as a fragile creature struggling to maintain an ever fading light in the darkness of the deep ocean caves.

Built to be an experience before all, Seashine mixes exploration, reflection, and survival to take the player into a discovery of the most secret and unatainable place on earth.

In a perpetual search for light, the player will have to hunt and find rare light sources to live a few more minutes while avoiding the many dangers of this silent underworld.


Seashine is Pated's first title. It was made as an answer to all the space related games abounding in today's game industry. We often forget that on our own planet, a place remains more hostile and less accessible than the moon.

During its early days, Seashine was designed as a level based game with try'n'die and puzzle mechanics. Late 2014, because of limited time and budget, the game changed into an endless style gameplay mixing survival and simple puzzles. It was decided that Seashine would be first released in this format to gather attention and funds to allow the development of a level based/story driven sequel for mobile and desktop platforms.

Thanks to the light free-to-play business model used in the game, Seashine will continue to develop after its release. Its universe will grow with each new update, increasing the number of places to explore, creatures to discover, and abilities to unlock!


  • A gorgeous and infinite underworld full of unknown dangers and strange creatures.
  • Intuitive controls specially made for touch devices. Swipe in any direction to make the jellyfish swim in the direction of the swipe in a very natural way.
  • An unlimited experience. Each game is unique. You'll never face the same challenges twice.
  • A blissful soundtrack reacting dynamically to the environment.


iOS App Preview YouTube

Announcement teaser (2014) YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "It looks both beautiful and frightening."
    - Chris Priestman, Pocket Gamer
  • "The end of Seashine's latest teaser trailer will likely have you screaming "NOOO SQUISHY!" while also considering the brevity of life, death's cold grip, and the shadows who lurk—always waiting to steal your Squishy away. Or maybe it'll just leave you wanting more of the most relaxing use of xylophones I've ever heard in a videogame soundtrack."
    - Jess Joho, Kill Screen
  • "Travel deep enough under the sea, and you’ll find that the ocean is a very dark place. And unless you’re a bioluminescent creature it’s probably going to stay that way. Seashine is an upcoming iOS and Android game that plays with that notion in an utterly gorgeous way."
    - Jim Squires, Gamezebo
  • "A dark and poetic underwater lullaby."
    - Katrina Filippidis, Indie Game Magazine

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About Pated

I, Pated, am a one-man game studio dedicated to crafting original virtual experiences in the same way a cabinetmaker would create an art piece out of raw wood: with passion, dedication, and patience (a lot of patience). The name of this studio is at the same time my artist name / public name.

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