I’m Pated. But I’m also Patrick Ellis. An english name for a french man.

I prefer creating games to playing them because playing is just not enough interactive after a while.

Because most kids are poor and I applied to that rule, I’ve been making games out of clay, cardboard, paper, and demo game creation softwares since I was 10.

After a debut in graphics design and webdesign and after many years experimenting with different forms of art and interactive mediums I decided to try myself at making a video game. Phil Fish said they are “the sum total of every expressive medium of all times, made interactive”. What a fish bait for me Phil.

In 2013 I started learning game development on the Unity 3D game engine, transformed my basic knowledge of actionscript into a somewhat robust knowledge of C#. I released my first title, Seashine, on iOS and Android in August/September 2015.

I’m now working on my next title while continuing to add more depth to the abyss of Seashine.

I want to create games on subjects that are important to me like animal rights, biodiversity, permaculture, or true democracy and citizen constitution. But I’m still trying to find a way to make a stable living while producing such games.








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